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Welcome to our exclusive B2B platform for exquisite handmade Oriental carpets. We understand the unique needs of businesses and offer specialized pricing to meet your specific requirements. To access our curated collection and view business-exclusive prices, we invite you to sign up for an account with us. Our registration process is straightforward and designed to cater to business clients, ensuring a tailored experience. Once registered, you'll gain access to our diverse range of premium carpets, with detailed information and pricing structured specifically for business purchases. Sign up today to explore our exceptional selection and elevate your business interiors with our timeless oriental creations.

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We cordially invite our valued B2B partners, interior designers and who is in furniture and home design business to join us at our exclusive in-house exhibition, where we will showcase our comprehensive handmade carpet collection. From Persian patterns, oriental designs, modern collections to vintage and stonewashed carpets, kilims, handwoven rugs, and Gabbeh collections, we have something for every discerning taste.

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Oriental Carpets

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Our Oriental Carpets collection offers insight into the profound traditions of Eastern art and culture, extending beyond just Persia to include other Eastern countries. Each rug in this collection is knotted with care and craftsmanship, with the entire process, depending on the complexity, taking months or even years to complete. The detailed designs and carefully considered color palettes reflect the rich history and heritage of these lands. With these carpets, we bring not just a piece of art but also a piece of history into your space.

Authentic technique new design

Modern Carpets

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Our Modern Rugs collection stands as a symbol of the deeply rooted traditions of Persian and Oriental art and culture. Many of the modern rugs in our collection are manufactured in India, where the authentic Persian knotting technique is applied. Each rug is an exemplar of care, craftsmanship, and technical skill. Just like the classic rugs, these rugs often have a high knot density, which means that the entire process from start to finish can often take months or even years.

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Woven Carpets

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Our Woven Rugs collection presents flat-woven products that embody craftsmanship and traditional techniques. These rugs are woven, not knotted, often featuring geometric patterns and crafted by skilled artisans who apply traditional techniques. Woven rugs offer an authentic addition to interiors, complementing them with their versatility and design. They are often more affordably priced, as weaving a rug is faster than the traditional process of knotting a rug.

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