Our journey since 1995

Founded in 1995 at Frihamnsgatan 58, Stockholm, North Carpet has blossomed alongside the growing fascination with authentic carpets. As a family-owned company with three generations of expertise in carpet-making, we're proud to offer a diverse range of carpets that suit every home and interior style.

Handmade Heritage:

At the heart of our collection lies the oriental rug – a symbol of tradition and history, handwoven and tied with intricate patterns. Each carpet is not just a decor piece; it's a slice of the Orient, crafted to add a unique charm to your living spaces.

Quality, Variety & Value

Our mission is simple: to offer the highest quality carpets at the best value. This is possible because we directly oversee the production of our carpets. With our own manufacturing in countries like Iran, India, and Pakistan, we ensure unmatched quality, ethical production practices, and the incorporation of popular and unique designs.

A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

North Carpet is more than just a traditional store; we're a bridge between the rich history of carpet making and contemporary design trends. Our vast selection includes everything from classic woven patterns to modern designs, catering to diverse tastes and budgets.

Expanding Horizons

In recent years, our online presence has flourished, allowing us to connect with a wider audience. Our website features a range of carpets, each representing a blend of classic charm and modern aesthetics. Investing in our online platform has allowed us to reach new customers while maintaining the warmth and personal touch of our physical store.

A Carpet for Every Occasion
We believe in the transformative power of a quality carpet – it's not just a floor covering, but a way to bring warmth and vibrancy to any room. Our extensive range features affordable options without compromising on durability. Currently, wool and classic designs are trending, reflecting a return to timeless elegance.