Patchwork Multi 47674

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Patchwork or Lapptäcke carpets are made from different carpets that are old and durable. first they cut older carpets into smaller pieces and then sew them together until different desired sizes. Sometimes older carpets can be de-dyed and re-dyed to be able to have the desired color. rugs are meant to be fun and colorful. These handmade rugs are sewn together from different mat pieces. The end result is a true, unique work of art. Each patchwork rug is unique. Patchwork or patchwork rugs are made from different rugs that are old and durable.

Pattern: Iran/Persian

Size: 397 x 295 cm

Knots per m2: 160000

Thickness in mm: 10

Pile: Wool

Warp: Cotton

Color: Multi

Delivery time: 2-3 Days on average